numbers video

dear friends,

the video to my new song „numbers“ is out now.



you can watch it below. it is probably the first time that i publicly address a topic that has worried me for quite some time now: smartphone addiction. to me it seems like the excessive use of smartphones not only has become socially accepted – it seems like we’re condoning and trivializing addiction to digital communication services, nomophobia and everyday cases of social isolation. i see people looking at their phones when they’re in a room with their friends, as they nurture their children, as they witness the beauty of nature or while they go out to see a concert of their favorite band. to me it feels like almost every conversation i’ve witnessed in the last years always had a moment of distraction by modern technology. and somehow this behavior of „not-really-being-here“ strikes a chord in me and makes me feel sad and somehow lost … maybe because unfortunately i’m stuck in an addictive behavior myself.



so i didn’t make this video/song and write these lines to judge anyone or point my finger at certain concepts of living, i just want to remind you that meaningful real non-digital human interactions (may it be at a concert, in a bus, at school or at home) live of unconditional focus, appreciation, politeness and warmth and we can’t let our personal addictions and compulsions destroy or alter important moments of our life.

please don’t let technology control your behavior – unless you want it to.



thanks for being with me.
i hope you enjoy the song and video.
take care & be safe.